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MRAZIARNE a.s. Sladkovicovo

The history of the company goes back to the 1970’s. The first construction work on the new freezer complex for the pre-treatment of fruit and vegetables in Slovakia began 1976.

The company has been through many changes over the previous years since the company was established until finally on the 1st of May 1992 it settled with the name MRAZIARNE a.s. which it has retained until the present day.

Our company is situated in the small town of Sládkovičovo, near Galanta in the Trnava region, with excellent and easy access to both the railway and highway networks.

Mraziame a.s. is The last word in Food Preperation for Cold Storage in the Slovak Region

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Photo-company - Head building
Photo-company - Major entrance Photo-company - Entry of the Area Photo-company - Loading ramps Photo-company - Administrative building

Photo-product - Dunajská zmes

Our own products

We have nice sortiment of our own fresh frozen products. Quality is guaranteed by our brand.

In our product list are:

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Our services

  • deep freezing and warehousing in freezing chambers of total capacity 44 000 m3, which is aproximately 12 000 pallets of products (dimesion of 1 pallet 0,8x1,2x1,8m), where the minimum temperature is -18°C up to -23°C
  • chilling and warehousing in chilling rooms of total capacity aprox. 2885 m3 (about 648 pallet places) at the temperature from 0°C to +8°C
  • storage in a dry warehouse with capacity of 300 pallet places, aprox. 1800 m3
  • deep freezing in two deep freezing stabile tunnels, at the temperature -40°C

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Photo-boxes - Freezing box

Our frozen products

Product photograph - Brokolica Product photograph - Hrasok, Karotka, Lahodkova Product photograph - Mexicka Product photograph - Korenova zelenina

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Presentation of our freezing chambers

Photograph of boxes - Freezing chamber Photograph of boxes - Freezing chamber Photograph of boxes - Freezing chamber Photograph of boxes - Freezing chamber Photograph of boxes - Freezing chamber

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